Saturday, 13 June 2009

1st competition!!!

In prep for tomorrow we went to bromyard last Saturday to have a look at dressage boards and have a jump round. Unfortunately the outdoor arena was flooded so no dressage boards - so just did some jumping. He was great did two nice rounds at about 2ft3 and 2ft6/9.

Monday he had his 1st Riding Club rally with Emma Slater. She also picked up on needing to slow down his trot but did also say i was blocking his canter too much and to let him bowl on a little. With the jumping she said he has a good technique i just need to support his rib cage more round corners and shorten my reins so that my hands are a little further up his neck so i sit back more.

Tuesday was a day off and then Wednesday we had Emma Phillips out to have his back checked. He was very tight - especially on his right hand side and around his withers as my saddle dosnt fit him like it should. She suggested i pad it out using sponge either side of his withers where hes sorest and then also a prolite front raiser pad. He had Thursdays off to recover, went for a hack and a little school on Friday and then today had a good school and a little jump in preparation for tomorrow. Something i learned today is that i just need to relax on him - he goes a lot worse if you try and hold him together and pressure him but when i rode with a slightly longer rein and relaxed his head went down and he started to swing. Since his back being done he he feels a lot more even in his canter the right is getting better but the left is a little worse but im thinking this is because hes been compensating for the right!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and lets hope everything goes well!!

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