Monday, 25 May 2009

A busy few days!

Don't know where to start!!

Buster had his back shoes put on on Friday and we thought it best to give him a day off after his XC.

Saturday i was Point to Pointing so rode nice and early. Buster went on his 1st hack alone and was very good once we got out of the gates at home as they were the scariest things he had seen!!

Sunday was a busy day again - we went to Hilltop XC schooling with a friend. The aim today was ditches, water and step and they were all ticked off the list! We started just popping over some smaller stuff then jumped some light to dark jumps. After this we headed to the steps and he just jumped up all three and then back down them! :) Its like hes done it all before. We then did a ski jump and a trakehner, didn't even look at the ditch! Then we went to do the ditches and well he just went straight over!! Then we headed off to the quarry to do some more steps and ditches - all done very well. Finally we headed to the water - he walked straight in! He was a little shocked when i asked him to move in it though - not quite sure he knew what he had stepped in to! In the end he was happily jumping in and out and jumped fences after the water. All in all a super day!

And finally today, Monday! Busters 2nd PC rally. Today it was more XC schooling this time at Lincobe. We were in a group of 4 so it was perfect for him. They have a lovely selection of little jumps so we started off over those - think the very small ones are getting a bit small for him now though. We then headed on to a small water filled ditch and straight over he went! Then on to the proper waters - there were 3 to go in so had a play in all of them just walking and trotting through. Next was a complex of jumps - this was good to get him thinking! We started off with 2 logs and then moved to a ditch to a log on 3 strides and then to a palisade to log on 2 strides. I'm finding now i can ride him more in to a fence like a proper horse and do have to sometimes make up his mind for him as he can be a little casual!! We then did a few jumps as a course and on to a hanging log to another hanging log on top of a bank. I wasn't going to do the log on the bank but he locked on so i thought it would be a shame to pull him out and he did it beautifully! Then back to the water ditch, where we added the rails either side to make a coffin - he jumped it both ways very well. And we went back to the water to jump a fence after it so we cantered through the water a few times and did the jump well. Was going to finish there but some in the group wanted to jump some skinnies so we carried on. The only skinnie was 2 blue barrels on there side and after a look at them he jumped them alot better than i was prepared for!! He just keeps on surprising me!!

Poor pony then had a lunch break and wasn't keen for standing on the lorry but he has to learn, which he did quite quickly when he didn't get any attention! :( Then back on to Show jump - We didn't jump to much but what he did jump he did very well - we started with a X pole with a upright rail in, then moved on to an upright followed by a oxer with a water tray underneath - he didn't even look at it!! Popped through a 2 stride double next with a filler as the second part and again didn't even look at the filler so thought we would try the wall and he didn't even look at that either! Another great day so im really looking forward to Sunday now!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

1st XC schooling session

I'm not sure where to start! He was just FAB!

We went with Minx who has my old pony Sid and they were the best leads - Sid is reliable and Minx was very good at understanding my very odd jump descriptions!

To start we just warmed up looking at some of the fences and then there was a very small log with wings so thought that would be good just to walk over and then trot. After this we just headed out and jumped a few not to in your face jumps and once he was happily popping over those we showed him a few more scary ones - tyres, a dog house etc.. He then happily popped all of these out of a lovely canter. There were a few scary moments - not from dodgy jumps but from rather unexpected super jumps - cue a few squeals form me!!

Finished off doing a little (up to 2ft3) course in front and jumping fences he hadn't jumped with a lead. He was a little looky and had a few babyish stops but nothing nasty and happily jumped them next time round.

All in all a great trip to Pauntley XC, many thanks to the Claphams, Now onward and upwards to Sunday/Monday when we will tackle ditches, water & steps and then our ODE (don't think im as mad as i thought now entering it!!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

1st Entry!!

Am i crazy - Yes!! I have entered Buster in to his 1st ODE with out Dressaging, SJing or XC!! Think i need to get checked out - Oh well we have to start somewhere!!

Another day off!!

Well Buster has another day off as he was meant to go showjumping at Bromyard tonight but we are taking Goggles to Worcester Races to drop him off at his new home - Havnt told Buster yet though, hes going to miss his best friend :(

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Chilled few days

XC on Sunday didnt happen so Buster had a lovely day out in the field.

Yesterday (Monday) He went for a hack with dad on his bike - he was very good although he did insist dad be in front most of the way! Hes getting a lot better with drains, grit boxes and cows!!

Today (Tuesday) We went for another hack this time with mum on her mare. I thought I would get him walking through puddles and after the initial "OMG there going to kill me!" he was quite happily trotting through them! Met lots of cars and vans, as always he was very good. When we got home I did a little schooling in the field with him - just working on circles, trying to stop him falling in through his shoulder and out thought his hindquarters. Hes getting there, he will be better when he learns to settle in to a slower natural rhythm. After some stressage we popped the X pole a few time and he did some great jumps, very pleasing.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pony Club Pony

Today (Saturday) we went to Buster 1st PC rally just up the road. We allowed 15 mins to get him on the lorry but he loading 1st time so we were very early! He traveled well and was ok stood on the lorry just kept shouting for friends. Tacking him up on the lorry and then unloaded. Humm well he launched of the ramp and i don't think he touched it - silly pony.
The lesson was in the indoor school so walked him around before i got on and once i did he was very good. He reacted well to the other horses and worked well at all paces and both reins although he does prefer the left, as he finds it easier to bend that way but it will come in time. He was in a group with 2 older horses and his flat work was up there with them. The instructor even asked me why am i going to event him he should be doing dressage with paces like that! :o

On to the jumping. I think Sarah thought we had done more that we had so our 1st X was as big as what we had been jumping at home. He was jumping well Sarah just picked up on the impulsion before the jump. Soon we were moving on to uprights (never done one of these before!!) he was jumping them so well Sarah set us out a course which included 2 X poles a double of uprights (with blocks as fillers underneath) and a skinny and Perfect Pony as im now going to call him did it all very well apart from me getting a little over keen and trying to canter the double and then he kept straight but went through the skinny but 2nd time we both pulled out socks up and did it well.

Lots to work (mainly my position but im sure if i rode in my race saddle at race length i would look a lot better!!) on but onward and upward to XC schooling tomorrow!

An early morning!

Well for Buster any way. As i was racing at Aintree yesterday (Friday) evening i started work at 10 so i could ride before hand. He was very good just walking, trotting and mastering his canter transitions. Hes getting there as hes always struck off on the correct leg but i just have to stay a little stiller (always a bad habit i have had in canter transitions.) We were also carrying on the work off getting him to keep trotting after coming out of the canter and he is getting a lot better at this.

We then popped the X a few times and he did that well just need to keep the revs up going in to the jump as hes so casual about the whole jumping thing!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

What a difference shoes make

Today (Thursday) we went for another hack. He had his back up a little due to not being ridden yesterday but was good after a few times round the yard. Then off we went and the difference was amazing he was walking out so well and was in front most of the way. We had a few trots and he was back to how he used to trot - very flicky toes! The only scary things we met were grit bins, drain covers and the some cows who thought they could race us!!

Once we got home i did a little work in the field - large circles in trot on both reins and then tried for canter. Asked for canter and hey presto off we went. He was great, so much stronger in his back than last year so i was very pleased. One of the main thing we will have to work on though is the downward transition out of canter as he thinks walk then stop as this is what he would have done on the gallops when in training.

Then after cantering on each rein and managing some rather large circles we popped the X pole a few times. He was just great and is really starting to get the hang of it!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New Shoes

Today (Wednesday) Buster had his front shoes put on. He was very good but did get a little upset from the smoke. With time he should get a lot better as hes only ever been cold shod.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

All go

After his 11 months and a few more weeks holiday than planned due to abscess in both front feet a week ago Buster is back!!

Started with him on Saturday just leaning over him and walking around and then got on him with a leg up and walked him round the yard.

Sunday we progressed to walking and trotting round the field
Monday we were happily trotting over poles after mum had to show him they wernt in the least big scary (this is the horse who will happily put his head in a paper bag if there might me food in there and will walk over a line of deflated balloons!!) After some raised poles he happily popped a very small X pole.

Tonight (Tuesday) he went for his 1st hack on the roads and was a very good boy. We were passed my cars and lorry and walked very sweetly past quite a few bin bags. When we got back we again walked and trotted over poles and worked on circles. Then to finished popped the X pole again. He has such an amazing jump and really pushes from behind!! As from tomorrow we can start doing more road work as he will have front shoes on.