Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pony Club Pony

Today (Saturday) we went to Buster 1st PC rally just up the road. We allowed 15 mins to get him on the lorry but he loading 1st time so we were very early! He traveled well and was ok stood on the lorry just kept shouting for friends. Tacking him up on the lorry and then unloaded. Humm well he launched of the ramp and i don't think he touched it - silly pony.
The lesson was in the indoor school so walked him around before i got on and once i did he was very good. He reacted well to the other horses and worked well at all paces and both reins although he does prefer the left, as he finds it easier to bend that way but it will come in time. He was in a group with 2 older horses and his flat work was up there with them. The instructor even asked me why am i going to event him he should be doing dressage with paces like that! :o

On to the jumping. I think Sarah thought we had done more that we had so our 1st X was as big as what we had been jumping at home. He was jumping well Sarah just picked up on the impulsion before the jump. Soon we were moving on to uprights (never done one of these before!!) he was jumping them so well Sarah set us out a course which included 2 X poles a double of uprights (with blocks as fillers underneath) and a skinny and Perfect Pony as im now going to call him did it all very well apart from me getting a little over keen and trying to canter the double and then he kept straight but went through the skinny but 2nd time we both pulled out socks up and did it well.

Lots to work (mainly my position but im sure if i rode in my race saddle at race length i would look a lot better!!) on but onward and upward to XC schooling tomorrow!

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