Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Chilled few days

XC on Sunday didnt happen so Buster had a lovely day out in the field.

Yesterday (Monday) He went for a hack with dad on his bike - he was very good although he did insist dad be in front most of the way! Hes getting a lot better with drains, grit boxes and cows!!

Today (Tuesday) We went for another hack this time with mum on her mare. I thought I would get him walking through puddles and after the initial "OMG there going to kill me!" he was quite happily trotting through them! Met lots of cars and vans, as always he was very good. When we got home I did a little schooling in the field with him - just working on circles, trying to stop him falling in through his shoulder and out thought his hindquarters. Hes getting there, he will be better when he learns to settle in to a slower natural rhythm. After some stressage we popped the X pole a few time and he did some great jumps, very pleasing.

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