Tuesday, 12 May 2009

All go

After his 11 months and a few more weeks holiday than planned due to abscess in both front feet a week ago Buster is back!!

Started with him on Saturday just leaning over him and walking around and then got on him with a leg up and walked him round the yard.

Sunday we progressed to walking and trotting round the field
Monday we were happily trotting over poles after mum had to show him they wernt in the least big scary (this is the horse who will happily put his head in a paper bag if there might me food in there and will walk over a line of deflated balloons!!) After some raised poles he happily popped a very small X pole.

Tonight (Tuesday) he went for his 1st hack on the roads and was a very good boy. We were passed my cars and lorry and walked very sweetly past quite a few bin bags. When we got back we again walked and trotted over poles and worked on circles. Then to finished popped the X pole again. He has such an amazing jump and really pushes from behind!! As from tomorrow we can start doing more road work as he will have front shoes on.

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