Thursday, 21 May 2009

1st XC schooling session

I'm not sure where to start! He was just FAB!

We went with Minx who has my old pony Sid and they were the best leads - Sid is reliable and Minx was very good at understanding my very odd jump descriptions!

To start we just warmed up looking at some of the fences and then there was a very small log with wings so thought that would be good just to walk over and then trot. After this we just headed out and jumped a few not to in your face jumps and once he was happily popping over those we showed him a few more scary ones - tyres, a dog house etc.. He then happily popped all of these out of a lovely canter. There were a few scary moments - not from dodgy jumps but from rather unexpected super jumps - cue a few squeals form me!!

Finished off doing a little (up to 2ft3) course in front and jumping fences he hadn't jumped with a lead. He was a little looky and had a few babyish stops but nothing nasty and happily jumped them next time round.

All in all a great trip to Pauntley XC, many thanks to the Claphams, Now onward and upwards to Sunday/Monday when we will tackle ditches, water & steps and then our ODE (don't think im as mad as i thought now entering it!!)

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