Thursday, 14 May 2009

What a difference shoes make

Today (Thursday) we went for another hack. He had his back up a little due to not being ridden yesterday but was good after a few times round the yard. Then off we went and the difference was amazing he was walking out so well and was in front most of the way. We had a few trots and he was back to how he used to trot - very flicky toes! The only scary things we met were grit bins, drain covers and the some cows who thought they could race us!!

Once we got home i did a little work in the field - large circles in trot on both reins and then tried for canter. Asked for canter and hey presto off we went. He was great, so much stronger in his back than last year so i was very pleased. One of the main thing we will have to work on though is the downward transition out of canter as he thinks walk then stop as this is what he would have done on the gallops when in training.

Then after cantering on each rein and managing some rather large circles we popped the X pole a few times. He was just great and is really starting to get the hang of it!!

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