Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Gatcombe BYEH

Gatcombe was Busters second BYEH and he was very good!

Got there a bit late so only 45 mins to go - quickly studded up, tacked up and got on. Warm up arena was tiny more like just a SJ warm up so dressage on an ticking time bomb was not happening so i jumped him for a while and then he settled (got tired!) Did some sweet work before our time but i was having numptyness and could see a stride if it hit me in the face but hey ho!! Went in to the dressage - Hen Knight was judging - and did a nice test not as forward as Barbury but didn't do any flying changes! Went in to the jumping this time knowing i had more time so trotted past a few fences (including the 1st - the same first fence as they had at Stafford ) Went in to the first a bit tentatively so he looked i kicked and we had it down jumped the next few well, Thought there were bogey men under the 1st part of the double but got 2 good strides in just to tip the rail on the way out and jumped the last few well as well! On to Confo - we got 7 at Barbury so was hoping for more today! Again took our time untacking and didn't rush as mush as B. Today we only had to walk away and trot back - that my brain can understand - pity Busters didn't and we did some lovely canter making me run very fast up hill on slippy ground with leather boots!! Not to amused but did some good trot when i caught up!!

Another very interesting point was (not overly sure its right!) was that Buster was the only TB competing in the 4yo class! They did thou do a lovely piece when i was jumping how good ex racers can be as eventers! So the marks - got 23/35 for dressage, 32/40 for jumping and 10/15 for confo! Think they were being a little generous with the jumping marks as one horse got 40 and another with 2 stops got in to the 30s! We finished in the end about 19th out of 42! Wanted to be in the top 1/2 so very pleased!
He also stood very well on the box when song was gone and when we were having lunch!!

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