Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Highs and Lows of Stafford!

Stafford out 1st attempt at an Intro and my 1st event in almost a year!
The day started off well with having late times. Lawrence, a friend, was coming along to be groom for the day and chief - keep me calm duties!! The journey went without a hitch so got there with a nice amount of time to spare so went off to buy some new over reach boots and a shorter girth for B!

He was very good to have his studs in and tack up - que the heavens opening for the first time. Wandered over to the dressage and he warmed up very sweetly for him, over reach boots off at the last minute and in we go. Trot round up the center line track right and crunch! He pulled a shoe off :( Carried him through the rest of the test, a bit wobbly and then right canter, he struggles with this anyway but he just couldn't get it. Tried for the whole of the 20m circle at A and then did another circle but i think by this time we were both panicking so set off up the long side in left canter. Finished the test very disappointed.

Walked the XC and thought it would be a tough enough ask for him but was quite excited to get out there and see how brave he really was!

Showjumping - he warmed up nicely, then the heavens opened again so found some trees and took cover while Lawrence was still keen to do fences in the rain! Came back out from the trees popped a few more jumps and went in. It then all went wrong. Hes never jumped off anything but perfect ground and this was more like mud. We had two sliding stops in the to the first and then were off but unfortunately we had too many faults and were CR.

Its such a shame to have both marks on his record but we both learnt alot.

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