Monday, 27 July 2009

Preperation For Stafford

In final prep for Stafford we started off with some local Hunt dressage (Didnt go quite to plan!) We took mums mare as well as mum was jumping her so he squealed like a girl and didnt settle at all - did some great bits and got some 8's but did also get some 3's and 4's! To top it off he lost a shoe and then managed to loose another the next day waiting for the farrier!!

Shoes back on we did some Xc schooling which was very good - straight in the water and jumped everything very well - he had a look at a few things but there were puddles on all the take off and landings so i think i can let him off!

Then our final lesson the Wednesday before! He was very good but after only jumping a few warm up jumps and one grid lost another shoe! Jumped the grid again and called it a day - lovely farrier came the next morning so schooled him and pack for Stafford!

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