Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Barbury BYEH

Being Busters 1st proper outing today (and only 2nd ever!) i wasnt holding out much hope the only aim was not to come last!!Hes been working well the last few weeks and the dressage and jumping are both showing promise so was quite excited actually!Left home a little late so was a bit rushed when we got there but that was probably the best thing for both of us. Got on with 30mins to warm up (perfect!) and he was rather excited couldnt get him to trot so had to canter for a while to try and settle him! That didnt work too well so gave him a jump and that did the trick! After jumping a few he was very chilled and started to work nicely but looked a bit out of place as all the others looked more like 6/7 YOs!Went and and did a lovely test with 2 added flying changes but over all very sweet and everything in the right places.On to the jumping - he been jumping out of his skin in lessons but think he was a bit shell shock toady and it is only his 2nd round of SJ on grass/ever! He jumped nicely if a little backwards to start having 2 down but then woke up jumped the next 4 lovely, came round to the double had a look and had the 1st part down so over all pleased with how he went but disappointed as i knew we could do a whole lot betterThen conformation - he stood up well but think i stood him up wrong - i stood him up like we do for owners racing so you can see every leg - looking back i should have had him square. Walked well and trotted well so all i could ask of him!Was rather shocked when i went to see the score board - 30/35 for dressage! Overall at the end of the class we had the equal 2nd best mark! But then had 23/40 for jumping and only 7/15 for conformationAll in all a very informative and educational day for both of us so cant wait for Stafford PAVO and then Gatcombe BYEH!!

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