Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Today was Busters 1st BSJA show at summerhouse! Took him for the clear round 1st and if that went ok we were going to do the British Novice! Well it went ok (2 down and babyish!) so did the BN as we had a free ticket from Horse a few weeks ago. After i had come out of the CR i had said i was going to try and ride more forwards in to the fences as i think thats what let us down at barbury and he jumps better if he take you in to the fence. Went in and rode positively and he was very good. rolled a pole at 3 as it was a simple upright with no fillers just 3 poles and then the last part of the last double - he jumped in so well even though it was a longish distance made up alot of ground so rolled that as well. Im very pleased with how he coped today - he was for the CR a lot more chilled than at Barbury just a little excited before the BN - think he had woken up and realised he was at a show - this was cue me holding on to the neck strap a few times! Any tips on keeping my toes in??

Clear Round

British Novice

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