Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dressage Diva

Last week was my first dressage lesson in almost a year and it showed!!

Buster was very willing through out the session with Sally Newcombe and by the end was a proper dressage diva!
We started off by trying to stop him flicking his head all the time by me taking a more even contact all of the time. within a few minutes he had stopped doing this so we moved on to trying to get him rounder. Sally suggested i try riding him more forward as he would more likely accept my hand which he did. We did lot of practicing downward transitions as these are his weakest. From canter to trot all i have to do is think trot and he "fall" back in to trot very sweetly and then i have to ride him forward in to that trot as he has a tendency to fall in a heap!!
All in all a very good lesson, Sally likes him so onwards and upwards!!!

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