Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Hartpury BYEH - Not bad for my racing "reject"!

After Berrington was cancelled Busters weekend became a little less busy!

Hartpury today is our most local event so its always nice to go along to. This year they had the BYEH in the main arena which was lovely as last year they had it in the XC field miles away from everything else. We were on at 10.17 so got there in plenty of time today and went to watch a few. The course was only 6 fenecs with a double and the Dressage had white boards all around so no chance of us jumping out today!
Went back, tacked up and off we went. He was alot more relaxed than Gatcombe and finds working on a surface a lot easier so he was doing some nice work and jumping well as well.

Went in and the dresage judge was lovely - told us that we had as much time as we wanted before we went in. I trotted round a few times, waited for the other horse to jump and then set off. He went very nicely, didnt try and canter when we were trotting, i could really get him in to his corners and his canter was fab! He did change behind and he did no flying changes! Finished a bit like this :)

On to the jumping. It was the biggest BYEH i have seen this year (out of the 3 i have been to!) with a square oxer to start. He jumped well and did his 1st clear so couldnt have been happier. Conformation went well as well, he didnt try and canter and trotted at a nice speed for me! Judge was very hands on feeling legs and hocks and looking at them on one side before the trot up and the other after.

Waited for scores to go up and was very pleased. 29 for the Dressage, 32 for the Jumping and 10 for the Conformation so we broke the 70 barrier and got 71! For a long while we thought we would get in to the top ten but in the end we were 13th out of about 40 again, to get in to the top ten you needed 73 or more. As like Gatcombe we met our goal for today to be in the top 1/3.

Im so pleased with how hes grown up doing these classes and it just a pity this was the last one as i think with one more we might have got in to the top 10.

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